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Honeywell Multiplex Interface (HISI)

The Arraid AEM-3 system provides a new and warranted equipment replacement for drives that adhere to the Honeywell Multiplex Interface, also known as HISI.

The AEM-3 is plug-compatible with original and refurbished HISI drives, while using ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) to store data.  Internal AEM rotating drives can still supported.

No host system software or controller changes are required to install the AEM-3.

Capacities: 40MB to several hundred megabytes

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Manufacturer Arraid, LLC

The AEM-3 provides a complete bridge between the host HISI controller and the AEM's SCSI drives. HISI interface drives were widely used on DPS-6, Level 6 and similar computers from Bull and Honeywell Information Systems. HISI interface drives are still in use today on systems with specialized functions and custom software, making it impractical to re-host the complete computer system.

Originally built as free standing floor models with removable disk packs, these drives were also produced in rack mount with removable packs, fixed - sealed media, or a combination of both. Capacities ranged from 40MB to several hundred megabytes and were built by Bull, Honeywell, CDC and MPI.

While refurbished HISI drive replacements are available, refurbished HISI drives commonly fail within a few months resulting in system down time. The AEM-3 is provided as new equipment, with a warranty, and MTBF of 200,000+ hours and significantly more when using the solid state AFD.

 Additional AEM-3 options include disk to disk backup, disk to tape backup, AFD network (backup & restore) and mirroring. No refurbished SMD replacement can match the reliability, features and customer support provided by choosing the AEM-3 to replace your aging HISI disk drives.

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