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HP 7900A Disk Drive Emulation

The Arraid AEM-7C system provides a new and warranted equipment replacement for aging and refurbished HP 7900A disk drives connected to an HP 13210 Disk Controller. 

The AEM-7C is plug-compatible with the original HP 7900A drive, while using ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) to store data.  Internal AEM rotating drives (disk, tape & magneto-optic) can still be supported upon request.

No host system software or controller changes are required to replace a refurbished 7900A drive with the AEM-7C.

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Manufacturer Arraid, LLC

The AEM-7C provides a complete bridge between the host HP 13210 controller and the AEM's SCSI drives. These drives have been used on HP-1000 computers in a variety of applications. The HP 7900A is a combination fixed platter and removable cartridge drive of 5MB capacity.

While refurbished 7900A replacement drives have limited availability, refurbished drives commonly fail within a few months resulting in system down time. The AEM-7C is provided as new equipment, allowing customers to utilize SCSI drives or ARRAID's proprietary solid state 'ARRAID Flash Drive' (AFD) installed in the AEM-7C, with MTBF of 200,000+ hours and significantly more when using the solid state AFD.

Additional AEM-7C options include disk to disk backup, disk to tape backup, AFD network (backup & restore) mirroring, and multi-volume (provides several HP 7900A disk partitions on a single SCSI media). No refurbished HP 7900A drive can match the reliability, features and customer support provided by choosing the AEM-7C to replace your aging HP 7900A disk drive.

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