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Aviation & Simulation Systems

Reactive Group’s Solid State Disks Division (SSD) specialise in the design, development and integration of advanced storage systems integrating our SCSI SSD / SCSI Solid State Drives.

ISO 9001:2000 approved, and with over 80 years of combined experience, SSD has completed numerous flash based bespoke projects for global aviation & simulator (SIMS) primes and maintenance organisations in airborne, land and marine systems,providing a range of modified tape, floppy and disk emulators, integrating the customers simulation and aviation missi on data loaders.

Often the obsolete drives which are integrated in the legacy simulation systems used atypical block sector sizes “locking in” end customers to purchase from the original simulation original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Our successful legacy “design in” applications have supported Through Life Support (TLS) obsolescence within the advance data storage in the aviation & simulator (SIMS) and Military storage product arena.

Examples of legacy aero equipment host system and drives include:

Miltope, Thompson CSF, Dutch Signaal, OMTI, Solaris SUN SPARC/CPU-8VT, Iomega Bernoulli, IBM AS400 and RS6000. Encore, Gould, 320 C2000 sim and Evans & Sutherland.

Press Releases

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