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CF2SCSI/ SCSIFLASH Telecommunications Exchange Support

Telecommunications Exchange Support

The CF2SCSI/ SCSIFLASH is currently available in two physical form factors:

1) Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement with no external removable storage device

2) Magneto-Optical (MO), Tape or Floppy drive replacement with externally removable CF memory card slot (currently available up to 64GB*)

* Note: some hosts systems will limit this capacity to the original drive specification 

The CF2SCSI/ SCSIFLASH drive ( Compact Flash Drive replacement) supports a wide range of different exchanges and many Magnetic Tape / Magneto Optic (MO) and Hard Disk SCSI systems. Support has been added for most of the available equipment seen in telephone exchanges, and new device types are added as required. A wide range of protocols can be supported.

Example shown; SCSIFlash drives installed in an Ericisson AXE-10.

Possible example systems are detailed in a list below.