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DEC Storage

DEC Disk Drive, Tape Drive and Floppy Drive Replacement

Arraid's DEC Storage Solutions allow owners of DEC PDP-11, LSI-11, VAX, MicroVAX and VAXStation systems to replace their worn out disk, tape and floppy drives. Now Customers can use modern, reliable SCSI devices, without changing their system or application software.

Manufacturer Arraid, LLC

Sold in a wide variety of configurations, our most popular solution targets Q-bus I/O computers running MSCP, TMSCP operating software (DU and MU device drivers). Supported operating systems include VMS, Ultrix, RT-11 and RSX-11M+.

The DEC Storage Solution is made up of an emulating controller and a SCSI device chassis populated with the required SCSI devices. The single board emulating controller takes the place of the disk controller, tape controller and floppy controller in the DEC computer. The emulating controller is configured so that operating software still sees the original DEC devices. Information is stored on modern SCSI disk and tape drives.

In configuration where an Arraid DEC Storage Solution replaces both disk and tape, the emulating controller may be used concurrently with the existing DEC tape controller. The Customer may then use existing backup media and standard operating system procedures to restore their software to the new disk drives and copy any information stored on tape reels to the new tape media.

An Arraid DEC Storage Solution can be used to replace disk drives in DEC's RK, RL, RA, RD and RF series, TK series tape drives and RX series floppy drives. Supported SCSI devices include fixed or removable hard drives, magneto optical cartridge disk drives, DAT and DLT.

Each system is configured to meet the Customer's specific requirements with Qbus and Unibus solutions available.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install. No software changes required.
  • Fully compatible with existing operation.
  • Use current technology devices for greater computer system reliability with lower cost of ownership.

For More Information

Contact Arraid representatives to discuss how an Arraid DEC Storage Solution can improve your company's operation.

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