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SanDisk® pSSD™ Solid State Drive (PATA) P4

P4 SSD Form Factor EOL Notice for MICRO SATA & PATA P4 SSD ONLY

This notification is to inform the filed planned discontinuation of limited P4 Form Factors. MICRO SATA & PATA P4 pSSD form factor will no longer be supported as we transisition to next generation P5 SSD.
Final Order date 31st October 2011
Final Ship date 31st January 2012

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Designing faster and stronger netbooks is within reach. Just choose SanDisk® pSSD™ modular solid state drive storage for your exciting new netbooks and enjoy a whole new world of designing possibilities.

By using SanDisk pSSD modular SSD you will bring all the benefits of flash to these small computing netbooks at a fraction of the cost, size and weight of a hard disk drive (HDD).

Cost Effective:
Purchase just the right amount of storage, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB*, packed inside a memory device that is up to one-tenth the weight of the 1.8" HDD1. SanDisk's field proven, cost-effective, multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash technology, enables competitive pricing for these low cost portable devices.
Your users will see the difference from the moment they power up their netbooks with SanDisk pSSD modular SSD: faster machine operation.

SanDisk pSSD boots fast and keeps working at high speed, without the need to spin up into action or to seek files like a conventional HDD. SanDisk's modular SSD achieves high sustained random write performance translating to 9,000 vRPM.

In addition, nCache™2 acceleration technology, SanDisk's large non volatile write cache, provides a burst performance of x5 the sustained random write, allowing the users to enjoy an enhanced user experience, without the typical stuttering found in first generation SSD modules. SanDisk pSSD empties its cache during idle time, and since the cache is non-volatile there is no risk of data loss to the user.
Rugged and Reliable:
Design strong and solid netbooks that withstand the wear-and-tear of people on the go, and operate soundlessly even in environments where noise is a nuisance, such as bedrooms.

With no moving parts, SanDisk pSSD modular SSD is far more reliable than a HDD. Backed by its patented flash management technology, SanDisk brings high data integrity to its modular flash device. Dynamic bad block management, dynamic and static wear-leveling, and robust error detection and correction code (EDC/ECC) ensure data reliability.
Power Efficient:
Extend battery life of netbooks by using SanDisk pSSD modular SSD, and see a significant power savings over using a rotating HDD, a critical matter for netbook users on the go.
Form Factor Headway:
SanDisk's design team is always up to date, developing new form factors to support industry standards and market needs. SanDisk's pSSD modular SSD family delivers multiple form factors, compatible with a variety of interfaces and connectors, suitable for an array of computing devices. Read More
Designing with SanDisk:
SanDisk has a 20 year legacy of innovating industries by creating powerful new technologies that have revolutionized the world of portable computing.

Our storage devices empower thousands of products by hundreds of global manufacturers to deliver better end-user experiences. SanDisk is a trusted leader in flash memory with many NAND flash technology patents.

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* The logical capacity conforms with the IDEMA HDD standard. See for details. 1GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.

[1] Weight of second generation pSSD varies from 5.5 grams - 9 grams, depending upon capacity. This is compared to the weight of 1.8 HDD MK6006GAH MK3006GAL, which weighs 51-62 grams.

[2] nCacheTM acceleration technology is a large Non Volatile Write Cache, a unique feature in pSSD-P2 and S2 that improves random write performance and ensures an improved user experience. Studies show that modern operating systems mostly access the storage device using 4k access blocks. The cache is filled during these small write commands and emptied during idle time when the host is not accessing the drive, with no risk of data loss. For a typical everyday use, the write performance that the users see is the nCacheTM (burst) high performance, and not steady state (sustained) pSSD performance. Based on IOmeter 4K random write test.

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Capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB & 128GB
Interface PATA UDMA6
Capacity (GB) 8, 16, 32, 64
Characteristics Form Factor=Half 1.8", miniPCIe; Connector=ZIF, LIF, miniPCIe
High Performance Sequential read=70MB/s;Sequential write=70MB/s;Sustained 4K random write=100 IOPS;Burst 4K random write=550 IOPS
Highly reliable & durable MTTF=Up to 2,000,000 hours;1000G;15G;36.5TBW (64GB);SMART feature supported;Security and password protection;No preventive maintenance
Small and light weight Size=54mm x 32mm x 2.7mm (8, 16GB),54mm x 32mm x 4.3mm (32, 64GB) Weight=4.7g (8GB), 5.5g (16-32GB), 7.1g (64GB)
Low power consumption DC supply=3.3V±5%;Sleep mode (typical)=15mW;Active power (typical)=0.5W;Average power (typical)9=0.15W
Environmental Specifications Operating temperature=0°C to +70°C;Storage temperature=–25°C to +85°C;Acoustic noise=0dB
3 year (36 months) limited warranty

Ordering Information (for all regions)

Part Numbers




SDPA4CH, 64GB, PATA, Bridge-Mtr-5,32nm,4

SDPA4CH,128GB,PATA, Bridge-Mtr-5,32nm,2X

SDPA4CH-128G, SDPA4CH, 64GB, PATA, Bridge-Mtr-5,32nm,4, SDSA4AH-008G, SDPA4CH,128GB,PATA, Bridge-Mtr-5,32nm,2X, SDSA4AH-016G, SDSA4AH,8GB,SATA,Mtr5,2X32MA04TSOP,2-FIM, SDSA4AH-032G, SDSA4AH-064G, SDSA4AH,16GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X2D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4AH-128G, SDSA4AH,32GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X4D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4DH-008G, SDSA4AH,64GB,SATA,Mtr-5,4X4D32MA04BGA,2-, SDSA4DH-016G, SDSA4AH,128GB,SATA,Mtr-5,4X8D32MA04BGA,2, SDSA4DH-032G, SDSA4DH,8GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X32MA04TSOP,2-FI, SDSA4DH,16GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X2D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4DH-064G, SDSA4DH,32GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X4D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4EH-064G, SDSA4DH,64GB,SATA,Mtr-5,4X4D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4EH-128G, SDSA4EH,64GB,SATA,Mtr-5,4X4D32MA04BGA,2-, SDSA4FH-016G, SDSA4FH,16GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X2D32MA03TSOP,2, SDSA4GH-008G, SDSA3GD,8GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X32MA04TSOP,2-FI, SDSA4GH-016G, SDSA3GD,32GB,SATA,Mtr-5,2X4D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4GH-032G, SDSA4GH,64GB,SATA,Mtr-5,4X4D32MA04TSOP,2, SDSA4GH-064G

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